Picky eaters

13173874_114789458932164_2183952341349182971_nMornings are hectic around my house. A week of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners is exhausting when you have a picky eater. Luckily for me there are few things my kids fight me on eating. Oatmeal was not a fan favorite for my children. So I experimented with fruit, flavoring and any thing I could think of to get them to welcome the occasional bowl of oats. I finally made the discovery that has them scarfing it down like fruit loops, yogurt! I buy fat free vanilla yogurt regularly. It’s amazing how many recipes you can use it with. So one Friday morning when we had slim pickings for breakfast options I pulled out the oatmeal. The sighs and grumbling of disapproval started. I made the usual oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla extract and 2% milk. A tsp of honey to sweeten this bowl of slop. When I put the milk back in the fridge I saw the yogurt. Vanilla sweetened with honey. Hmmm…let’s give it a go I thought. So I added 2 tbsps of vanilla yogurt to the oatmeal and stirred it in. To my surprise not only did my kids love it, they asked for more! Win for mommy. So if you have a picky eater not so keen on eating their oatmeal, give it a go!

First blog post

bliss on your budget

Welcome to my blog bliss on your budget. Introductions. My name is Sarah and I am a 35 year old mother of two. I have been married to my best friend for 11 years. A little history for you. For 9 years I worked in the world of finance as a banker and financial aid officer. Needless to say it is a stressful and somewhat boring profession in my opinion. Being a highly creative person I was drowning in the daily grind. When I got pregnant with my second child and faced the financial hardship of two children in daycare and my wheels started turning. How could I afford to put them both in daycare at $1500 a month? What was the point of working to only clear $400-500 a month after expenses? I grew up with a frugal mother despite the fact that I was an only child and grandchild who wanted for nothing. My mom taught me to find the deals, hunt for bargains and never pay full price. So I decided to open a new and gently used children’s store. Upcycle, recycle, reuse at a fraction of the cost. Let’s face it, children are expensive. While I ran my shop I put my creative nature to work and started my own line of bows, tutus, and custom hand made outfits. I loved to see these babies wearing my creations. Having children opened a world of diy projects, natural home remedies, cooking recipes, and trial and error how to experiments. I started a blog of sorts on Facebook called Sarah’s craft corner. My profile was maxed out on friends. Over 11k followers. I enjoyed the posts and interaction. But due to a policy change my profile was locked out and moved to a page thar I could not access. Well everything happens for a reason right? So this blog will focus on things to make your everyday life brighter, lighten your expense with low cost DIY projects, repurposing ideas, natural home remedy alternatives, yummiest for the tummies, and whatever else I may come up with on a whim. I hope you enjoy it. And look forward to contributing to your bliss.